Thursday, 18 August 2011


Earlier this week we set off to do an outdoor editorial style photoshoot & lookbook for Spring. I was proud of myself for being so prepared this time around, a lovely friend of mine helped to style and organise all outfits, we sourced reference photographs, had an amazing location in mind, and above all we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather with a lovely partly cloudy sky, still wind and perfect temperatures.

The location we had in mind fell through due to unforeseen circumstances, and we spent over five hours of the day driving, only to end up 15 minutes from our home town, at a beautiful location, Norah Head Lighthouse. But By this time we were all quite delirious and unsettled from the car ride and couldn't quite shake it off. Outfit ensembles & direction out the window; instead we had a playful carefree afternoon of rolling around on grassy hills, and just enjoying the sunset and company of our friends.

You can make plans and be well prepared, but sometimes the day just doesn't quite end out the way you pictured it. It was a great spell of spontaneity to remind us not to take life so seriously!

So here are some silly billy photos from our day that wasn't quite as planned...


  1. Aww, what lovely words Rose:)
    Was such a funny day. x

  2. Laurence de Maere :)

  3. Montana Gray

  4. Isabella Summerfield

    oh please! xo


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