Wednesday, 24 August 2011


We are so excited to see Oh Deer Vintage in the pages of Frankie Magazine! We've been included in the relatively new shop directory section, which has featured some of the most impressive and inspiring stores in Australia, we are so very humbled to be included :)

I've been a fond reader of Frankie for years now, it's one of the only magazines I read religiously. It's always such a happy day when it arrives in the mail, and I can sit down for a quiet hour or two with a hot cuppa and just get lost in it's beautiful photography, witty & enlightening stories, and become ever-so inspired by all the hand-made crafty and fashion goodness! Not to mention the clean and perfect layout that is generous with white space, it's such a calm & pleasant read. So it really is surreal for our little store to be inside the pages of Frankie Magazine.


  1. I literally just purchased this issue of Frankie today! AND SPOTTED your feature amongst the pretty pages! Big congratulations - your store and brand looks magic amongst all the frankie goodness

    x Lauren

  2. that's awesome! i had the magazine sitting next to me while reading this post and picked it up almost instantly to try and find you! well deserved feature :) S.O xox

  3. ooo, congratulations! :D
    haha, im gonna go pick up this issue right now :P



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