Monday, 17 January 2011


We’re home from our little roadtrip up the Coast with three car loads of friends. Where we enjoyed having a small break from the office; swimming in the ocean, underneath fresh waterfalls, snorkelling, beach cricket, strolls and afternoon tea & scones by the lake.

On our way to Dangar Waterfalls, we stopped in a little town called Bellingen, and what a cute little town it is! the buildings and signage still reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s. To our surprise we stumbled across the most wonderful vintage store we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting - The Vintage Nest.

Vintage Nest not only sell vintage clothing & accessories, but are also a small cafe/coffee shop with delicious coffee and cakes. There is soooo much to look & browse at in this wonderful shop (we even went back for a second visit) They have very reasonably priced garments, so many amazing collectables, even the second-hand furniture in the cafe is for sale!

Vintage nest has an amazing vibe & atmosphere, featuring heritage-listed ceilings, chandeliers, old bicycles, suitcases, sewing machines, picture frames, cameras, books & records, lamps and knick-knacks galore!

So if you are ever passing-by or in Coffs Harbour, we strongly suggest you take a little time to pass through Bellingen and visit Vintage Nest/Espresso, it is a must for any vintage-lover or admirer!
Visit their Facebook page here: Vintage Nest/Espresso