Friday, 2 March 2012


We are completely in love with the Free People design studio and office space, which is inside a huge historic building, of a former Navy Yard in Philadelphia.

They aimed to preserve some of the building’s factory characteristics by maintaining the large open spaces with an abundance of natural lighting, along with some of the original industrial materials & features. 

When designing the space, there was an emphasis on the importance of providing a work environment where employees feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired in order to keep their creative juices flowing. With huge open glass windows, giant colourful balls of wool, and a quilt-covered elevator, It's no wonder that Free People produce such inspired & beautiful designs, with a work space like this!

Photos taken from Arch Daily. Click here to see the full article of the Urban Outfitters Corporate Campus.

Free People are one of my favourite brands to follow on instagram, posting daily photos from their office, often of their staff's individual and inspiring style, follow them @freepeople.