Monday, 22 August 2011


So if you happened to read our last blog entry, you would have seen a bunch of lovely yet silly behind the scenes photographs from our outdoor photoshoot that didn't quite go to plan!

However, we did happen to get a few lovely and planned shots, whimsical themed with some dainty genuine vintage pieces; Gina wears a beautiful 1960's Ivory silk dress with lace detailing, which looks as though it may have been a wedding dress (it will be available in our top shelf vintage section soon!) coupled with some amazing maroon suede and leather lace-up brogue boots. Merrin wears a nude lace slip with a high-waist white pleated skirt (available here) along with teal suede wedges (in store soon).

Upon reflection it was such a beautiful afternoon & we got to soak in the serenity of it all while the sun went down casting some really lovely afternoon light. With no else in sight, it really did feel as though we had stepped back in time, like we were on a deserted island.

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