Wednesday, 27 July 2011


It's funny how much the weather can affect your mood, I personally love the cold and i find the sound of rain peaceful & calming, today was one of those days. Every now & then Rose & I realise how good we have it, working together on Oh Deer. After a big photoshoot yesterday with the gorgeous Merrin we have so much work to do on our computers, yet we have the freedom to take a little break and go on a coffee date :)

Naturally we went to Two Birds Gallery & Cafe! We feel less guilty about going to two birds for a break on a weekday because there is always the illusion that we are working :) Even if by working all we do is stock up our rack of treasures, it feels good & we are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have such an amazing cafe, so close by, to both do business with & have our caffeine & sugar craving satisfied!

Coffee, baked almond cheesecake (to share) & a Chai Latte is our standard order, in fact we don't even have to ask now they just know as soon as we walk in the door! And thank you Kerry for throwing in that last scone, today was the perfect rainy day to visit our favourite cosy cafe :)


Drop on in if you are on the Central Coast of NSW - Two Birds Gallery & Cafe is on the Corner of Pacific Street & Bay Road Toowoon Bay!

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  1. BEESSST pants!!! (see next blog post on just how much I love these pants)


  2. I WANT THAT CHEESECAKE! Too bad it's in NSW :/


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