Monday, 16 May 2011


There's something amazing about this time of year in Australia, the temperature drops, the ocean shows its power, trees lose their leaves & even your pets seem to love you more. Finally you can wear jeans every day and still be comfortable! I personally love the cold, and all that comes with it.

If you are like me this is also the time of year to start a hunt for that special cardi and/or sweater! Wool is an incredible natural fiber, and the pattern makers from days gone by knew exactly how to work it. So many of the sweaters we have in the store i try on and find it hard to put them back on the rack. Egyptian patterns, fair isle & cable knit are all things i love and look out for when hand picking the sweaters for Oh Deer. The brighter the better & the more random, generally the more amazing!

So our first instalment of vintage & retro knits are in store now! We will be collecting and re-stocking these all winter but if you see something you like grab it 'cause they are all one of a kind!


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