Thursday, 5 May 2011


I don't throw this expression around lightly, but "OH EM GEEE", I am SO utterly and completely in love with the Strummer A/W 2011 collection. The high-waisted knee length skirts, burgundy & tan leather, frill blouses & beautiful vintage-inspired delicate prints in this collection make me giddy with their prettiness.

Not to mention the colours; Burgundy, Khaki, Tan, Navy & Pale Blue. Sigh, I would wear every single piece of this collection, especially the shoes paired with cute little school-girl grey & cream socks... get into my wardrobe now.

Continue swooning over the full collection here:

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  1. perfection! i literally drooled when i saw this. offically my winter inspiration! and you inspired me too, i hope you don't mind but after reading this post i was compelled to dedicate a similar one, with kudos to you, of course :)



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