Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I recently came across the amazing blog, Fancy Treehouse, which is written by Coury Combs from LA, California. Coury blogs about her day-to-day life featuring photos of her outfits. I'm so inspired by her eccentric style which is expressed using playful layering, often contrasting colours & prints from her wardrobe, which always includes the most wonderful vintage pieces. No outfit is ever dull, "For as long as I can remember, my favorite thing to do was to put outfits together...and wear them...and make every day in each outfit the best day of my life." She completes each outfit with amazing attention to detail, down to the shoes, bags, belts, jewellery & even nail polish choices. Coury is stunning as you can see; 5'9" with her platinum blonde hair and bangs, usually complimented with pastel pink lipstick and rosie cheeks. She has such a unique and playful style, and the more I read and follow her blog, the more inspired I am to be that little bit more daring with my wardrobe choices :)

So I thought I'd share some my favourites of her outfit photos, and hopefully they will inspire you just as much!

Visit the Fancy Treehouse blog here: www.fancytreehouse.com

Photos courtesy of www.fancytreehouse.blogspot.com


  1. amazing! she's so stylish and absolutely beautiful!


  2. oh maaaaaan that first peach coloured shirt! that amazing collar!


  3. Gosh! What a colourful wardrobe!!!
    beautiful pics!

  4. I love coury's style too! It's so fun and original :)


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