Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Ask any vintage seller and I'm sure they will tell you that the most exciting part of the job is the hunt, there's nothing like the feeling you get when you find those one-of-a-kind amazing vintage pieces that you just can't get your hands on quick enough!

There was some very tedious work involved in the months of preparing our online store, as we had to photograph, measure, edit and upload almost 600 items before the launch, which means we haven't re-stocked our vintage collection untill now. Last week we sourced a few hundred new pieces, and needless to say, I was just a little bit excited!

I'm usually quite good at detaching myself from our stock, but I'm finding myself in love with so many of these new dresses, and I don't think it is just the excitement of having new stock after months! This latest collection of dresses really reflects my own sense of style and taste; there are so many lovely prints, colours & fabrics. I must say I'll be a little bit hesitant to let some of these dresses go! but the positive feedback we recieve, and knowing they are going to new loving homes makes it all worthwhile :)

Michael also collected some new menswear, which will hit the store later this week! and ladies, just quietly...there's some amazing crochet pieces, oh-so-cute cardigans, jewelery and ankle boots to follow shortly!

So here's a preview of a few of our favourite new dresses! If you like these, be sure to view the current collection in our online boutique at, as these are just a small handful of almost 200 that are on sale right now!


  1. Your brown haired clothing model is georgous

  2. The hunt is definitely the most exciting part! It's hard to part with a lot of what you end up scoring in the hunt :/. But it's all worth while to share the love! Oh Deer has just about the best vintage around :).


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