Monday, 4 April 2011


We've been receiving a lot of lovely compliments about our new online boutique, and in particular the images on our homepage, so I thought I might write a little blog. It turned out to be the part of the website we left until the last minute, accidently. I always knew how I wanted it to look, and in my head thought it would be easy to put together a few images, but it is actually quite hard to create a cohesive little image puzzle like that, especially if you are as pedantic as I am. The colours and tones had to be perfect, and all the images were to be equally as eye-catching as the others. So after jumbling our images around in photoshop, it was all going wonderfully, but there was always something missing. no matter which image I tried to place in the top right hand corner, it just did not seem to fit... I'm not usually one for using other people's images, but whilst searching for inspiration, we stumbled across the missing piece of the puzzle, the perfect image of a set of antlers adorned with vintage jewelery. When we were designing our new branding and boutique we always wanted to keep the image or idea of antlers in it somehow, so we think this is a nice subtle reminder of where we began.
We found the image on a personal photostream, which is filled with equally as inspiring and beautiful photographs by Susanna Erkheikki, of Sweden. Susanna's photostream is a showcase of her day-to-day life, soft toned images that evoke a sense of nostalgia,  many of her humble abode - which is tastefully decorated with vintage art, trinkets & furniture. So we thought we might share a few of our favourite of Susanna's photographs. 

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  1. Soft & calm. These photos make me feel good -peaceful.


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