Wednesday, 15 June 2011


We are utterly in love with My Sunday Feeling, a special little label featuring the most gorgeous dresses, hand-made by designer Melody Jasmine, from Byron Bay. The My Sunday Feeling label is based around 60's & 70's esque homegrown craftwork techniques with some romantic folklore & hillbilly holly thrown in.

Patchwork variations, sweet ruffles, lace-up detailing & flirty full circle skirts all feature alongside intricately embellished bodices, to create the perfect whimsical dress. Melody dedicates hours of handy-work to each garment, and it is this wholesome handmade goodness in every dress that makes them a truly unique piece of art, no two dresses are ever the same.

Are you girls as excited as we are about these dresses? Just quietly, we may just be stocking some in our online store in time for the beautiful sunny Springtime weather :)


  1. these dresses are amazing ! are you selling them at all?

  2. can you buy these? hkdfbshvk there so gorgeous!

  3. i need several of these dresses. when are they coming in?? and is there anywhere else i could but them??

  4. You can find My Sunday Feeling on Facebook, with information on all their stockists, here:



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